Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A Patio Space For Movies

We love to watch movies under the stars when the weather gets warmer, but with warm weather also comes bugs. A lot of creepy crawlies and mosquitoes. The best way to keep the bugs away is with none other than fire. Fire can also provide you with some heat when the nights get chilly. Whether you go with a fire pit or tiki torches, the ambient light will set a great mood for your patio project. 


Movie screens can be made of all sorts of things, from white sheets and PVC piping to projected on a fence or a tarp. You could even hang a sheet between two posts of a patio cover. Patio covers are also great for providing you with some shade too. 

When it comes to the surface of your patio, many people choose to either go with stone or cement these days because it doesn't require constant sanding and repainting like a deck would. Stone pavers can get you a beautiful natural look for your patio. But, if you want a smoother surface you might choose to go with laying cement. Don't forget that you will likely need some professional help in figuring out how to slope your patio away from your home to avoid flooding. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Self-care isn't selfish!

As a mom of some really hard kids...who are hard because they endured and survived many unspeakable things early in their life, I'm no stranger to stress. 

One of the most overlooked parts of parenting kids from a trauma background is that you can't pour everything you've got into fixing the kids. If mom is worn out, burned out, or exhausted herself, she's not going to be able to help anyone. Self-care isn't selfish. It is 100% necessary and it's one of the best investments you can make!

Thankfully, I learned quite early on in the journey that a good massage wasn't just a luxury. It is an essential part of my own self-care and as such, I get one every month whether I need it or not (I've never NOT needed it!!) We also budget for it as a regularly occurring medical expense. Massage definitely keeps me going and massage day is something I look forward to every month! 

I highly recommend it. Give it a try!