Tuesday, May 12, 2020

She's Back!

The Phoneix is back, she's awake, and she will stand on and rebuild on any piece of rubble she can find. Sage S, you are a wicked, deceitful woman and someday you and your cronies will have to stand before your Maker and answer for the chaos and destruction you caused. All the other selfish, catty drama women who added to the stress level can join you wherever you end up as well. 

That is enough for me.  

There are so many other mean things I want to say...but I won't. Because what I really want to say is I forgive you, God bless you, karma can be a real bitty sometimes, and you didn't win. I'm releasing all the hurt and anger and pain and channeling it into bigger and brighter things.

Thank you to all of you for what you've taught me, for the good times we had when they were good (and before you showed your true colors) May heaven smile on you favorably and I truly hope your lives have improved over the past 5 years as your children have all come of age and moved on in live.

I'll now use the rubble you left behind that you probably don't even know is still there along with this place that once meant so much to me to send some linky love to feed my Parent Coaching passion at https://serenitylinkscoaching.com/ and help more moms who need my help be able to find me.

Peace out, peeps!

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